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An extraordinary, nationwide prayer initiative is uniting government leaders, pastors, and congregations who are joining in unceasing prayer for our nation. Hundreds of government leaders are passionately calling on God’s people to unify with one heart and one voice to pray and take action for the United States and those who lead her. Read More About this Movement

Watch Roma Downey’s invitation to join the PrayUSA Movement.

Join this unprecedented movement by signing your name to the Prayer for America Proclamation. Share it with your friends and family. Post it on social media with the social posts provided in the Promotion Kit or create your own using #PrayUSA.

Your church can schedule a PrayUSA Sunday and invite a government leader to read the Proclamation. Invite someone you know or we can provide one for you. Everything you need to promote PrayUSA Sunday is in the downloadable church kit. Feel free to send us a picture of your PrayUSA Sunday or post it on social media using #PrayUSA.

Your organization can be a powerful voice to help get the word out. Promote the initiative through your own networks, download the Promotions Kit. Everything you need is on the website, including: instructions, bulletins, flyers, posters, a PowerPoint presentation, sample emails, social media resources and much more! Contact us and we will add your organization to the growing list of supporting groups.

“Many of us recognize the validity of the Scriptures and how they apply to our lives. We realize that just because we are elected officials, that we couldn’t leave our faith outside of what we did for a living and our careers. We recognize that the Scripture said if you wanted God to heal our land that it was an obligation on our part to humble ourselves and to pray and we realize that that started with us…”
Congressman J. Randy Forbes

 “Does it matter if we pray? Yes, is the simple answer… Prayer puts our hearts back in alignment with God’s design….And prayer also provides an opportunity for the God who can do anything, to demonstrate His care and power in a world that thinks they do not need God.”
Senator James Lankford, Co-chair
Congressional Prayer Caucus

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