Our nation’s leaders are asking you to cover them in prayer for specific concerns they are facing. Join the National Prayer Shield to pray for their special requests.

Prayer for Senator Carol Blood’s son (NE)
May 23, 2023

Please pray for her son to be healed from a brain tumor.

Prayer for Senator Joni Albrecht (NE)
May 23, 2023

Please pray for Senator Albrecht to be healed from cancer.

Prayer for Senator Clements’ daughter, Debbie
April 12, 2023

Debbie got an infection while at the ocean, but it has now turned into a life-threatening situation and the doctors

Prayers for Senator Bryant Richardson’s wife, Carol (DE)
April 10, 2023

Please pray for Carol to be healed from pulmonary fibrosis.

Prayers for Rep. David Faulkner (AL)
March 13, 2023

Please pray for Rep. Faulkner and family as they just found out his mother-in-law suddenly passed away. They are traveling

Rep. Ryan Rose and wife, Tiffany (AR)
March 9, 2023

. Prayer for Tiffany’s breast cancer to be healed. It has returned to her lymph nodes.

Prayer for Senator Hardin’s Uncle (NE)
March 8, 2023

Sen. Brian Hardin’s Uncle Jerry fell and is having some brain trouble.  Please pray for his full recovery. Jerry’s daughter,

Prayer for Senator Ray Aguilar (NE)
March 8, 2023

Sen. Ray Aguilar has a knee infection which will require two knee replacement surgeries.  Please pray for healing and that

Prayer for Senator Dave Murman’s Daughter (NE)
March 8, 2023

Sen. Dave Murman had to take his daughter, Whitney, to the hospital. No other details at this time.

Prayer for Senator Ibach’s Daughter
March 2, 2023

Sen. Teresa Ibach’s daughter-in-law has been diagnosed with cancer and is going in for emergency surgery this morning.

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