Our nation’s leaders are asking you to cover them in prayer for specific concerns they are facing. Join the National Prayer Shield to pray for their special requests.

Prayer for NE Senator
March 17, 2021

Please pray this week for a successful surgery for a Nebrasks senator who wishes to remain anonymous.

Prayer for ND Legislator
March 4, 2021

TIME SENSITIVE: Please pray for vindication of anonymous legislator from false accusation and for every plot against him, his family,

Prayer for Tom Fite, husband of Rep. Charlene Fite (AR)
February 3, 2021

Please pray for quick healing of double pneumonia.

Prayer for Rep. Hale and His Wife, Sheila (KY)
February 1, 2021

They are ill and were hospitalized yesterday. Please pray for quick and speedy healing for both of them.

Prayer for Rep. David Byrd (TN)
December 15, 2020

He has been diagnosed with COVID and has been hospitalized. Prayers for speedy and complete healing.

Prayer for Senator Mark Pody (TN)
December 1, 2020

Please pray for Senator Pody to be healed from Covid.

Prayer for Brenda Bickford
October 1, 2020

Brenda Bickford’s father died this week. Please pray for comfort for her and her family.

Prayer for the Jessica, the wife of Rep. Bob Ballinger. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.
September 16, 2020

They have 8 children, of which 7 are at home. Please pray for complete and quick healing.

Prayer for AR Rep. Ron McNair and wife, Phyllis
August 24, 2020

Prayers for comfort and sustainability after their house burned with all their belongings.

Prayer for TN Rep. Karen Camper
August 24, 2020

Rep. Camper has contracted COVID-19. Please pray for a quick recovery.

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