A Supersized Call to Prayer
November 13, 2016

They say, “Everything is BIG in Texas,” and this proved to be the case for a recent Call to Prayer

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PrayUSA Sweeps Through Oklahoma
November 4, 2016

PrayUSA: Government Leaders Calling the Nation to Prayer, a powerful movement, is sweeping through Oklahoma, reviving hearts and bolstering the

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Renewed Hope Set Aflame – Pennsylvania Heats Up!
June 28, 2016

As summer heats up, so is Harrisburg, Pennsylvania! Through an extraordinary, nationwide prayer initiative, PrayUSA: Government Leaders Calling The Nation

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Changing a Nation: Grassroots Prayer in America
January 28, 2016

The PrayUSA Movement—a dynamic initiative spearheaded by over 1,000 government leaders  to mobilize Christians to unite and pray unceasingly for

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Kentucky Comes Alive as Legislators Sign the Call to Prayer
January 26, 2016

The Kentucky State Capitol came alive this week, and the atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation as over 50 legislators—along with

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Virginia Representative Mark Cole and Chick Fil-A owner, Tim Abbott, joined Executive Pastor Tim Wilcox at Choice Baptist Church of Fredericksburg, Virginia, to engage citizens to join the PrayUSA Movement
December 22, 2015

Stand Up For America! was boldly written on the church marquee at Choice Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia on November

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A Wow Moment That Gives Hope
November 20, 2015

So much of the news today feels angry, sour and exhaustively partisan. Sometimes, the soul simply longs for that which

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Ohio House of Representatives, Tim Derickson, Tim Schaffer, Doug Green, and Gary Shearer, joined Pastor Tim Throckmorton at Crossroads Church of Circleville Ohio to promote PrayUSA
November 17, 2015

As the PrayUSA initiative is exploding across the map, it makes its way to Circleville, Ohio! Pastor Tim Throckmorton of

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Congressman Randy Forbes Promotes PrayUSA at Great Bridge Baptist Church
November 2, 2015

You can still view the inspirational PrayUSA Sunday with Congressman Randy Forbes, the Founder of the Congressional Prayer Caucus and

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Virginia Delegate Kirk Cox and Redemption Ministries Join Together to Promote PrayUSA!
October 20, 2015

“Brothers and sisters, when elected officials start asking us to pray, it is time to pray!” It was powerful! Last

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