Texas Attorney General, Legislators and Pastors Stand For Religious Freedom
November 9, 2017

“Secularism is not something that is benign and passive. It is active and it’s aggressive; and by its very nature and definition it is discriminatory,” stated Texas Representative Scott Sanford, at the PrayUSA event at Denton Bible Church.

Texas Legislative Prayer Caucus Co-chair, Representative Sanford and Vice-chair, Representative Matt Krause, joined other religious liberty experts and patriots for a critical discussion around religious freedom. The panel was followed by a PrayUSA ceremony that included a re-commitment to pray for our leaders and advocate for Judeo-Christian values.

Attorney General Ken Paxton, General Counsel for First Liberty Institute Hiram Sasser, and Pastors Tommy Nelson and Charles Stolfus were also participants in the panel and event.

Rep. Sanford’s warning is a wake up call to us all, “If you are going to force a classroom toward secularism, you must suppress any expression of faith, religion, or God. We find ourselves fighting against those activist, secularist movements that we find in our public schools, in government or in businesses.”

Watch the full video here.

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