Missouri Prayer Caucus Stands For Prayer
November 19, 2019

Hundreds of Missourians recently joined the Missouri Legislative Prayer Caucus co-chair, Senator Ed Emery and Karen Leydens and me, Missouri Directors of the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, at a church in Windsor to unite in unceasing prayer for our nation and leaders.  Both services were filled with people who were inspired by the nationwide network of government leaders who are standing for faith; and PrayUSA, the nationwide movement to cover them in active prayer. 

Attendees waited in lines to sign the Call to Prayer Proclamation that was originally signed by Members of the Congressional Prayer Congress on the U.S. Capitol Steps in 2005 as the first step in turning the tide of religious persecution they saw coming with full force to our nation.  Click here to add your name to the Call to Prayer Proclamation.

Nearly 1,200 legislators and over 153,000 citizens have committed to praying and standing for faith in America through the initiative; a movement spearheaded by government leaders! Through prayer and strategic action, better days are ahead for our great nation.

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