Congressman Forbes Promotes PrayUSA at Great Bridge Baptist
November 5, 2015

Congressman Randy Forbes, the Founder of the Congressional Prayer Caucus joined Will Langford, Pastor of Great Bridge Baptist Church, in a memorable time of unity and inspiration on behalf of a nation that desperately needs the grace of God.

Together, they not only celebrated our Judeo-Christian heritage, but also challenged the congregation that the time is now and the need is urgent in fulfilling the call to prayer that the Lord gave Solomon in 2 Chronicles 7 at the dedication of the Jewish temple.

It’s not too late, so let us take the bold and necessary steps to preserve the Christian DNA and religious liberties to which our Founding Fathers committed their very lives. Congressman Forbes was right when he said, there is no Scripture or mandate in the Bible to seek legislative answers, but that we are most certainly called to pray and seek the face of God.

Listen to his message and prayerfully consider sharing this with your pastor and church leaders – then plan and schedule a PrayUSA Sunday and invite the congregation to stand up, sign the Proclamation, and add their voices to the thousands who have already said, “Yes.” Since the initiative was launched earlier this year, the numbers continue to grow—nearly 900 government leaders, 50 leading organizations and over 130,000 citizens from all over the United States.  Churches are holding special events just like the one at Great Bridge Baptist. If the Body of Christ won’t be salt and light, who will? Everything you need to get started is right here.

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