Former MI Representative, Ken Kurtz, joins Pastor Dave Pierce at First Baptist Church of Coldwater to promote PrayUSA
July 7, 2015

Rep.-Kenneth-Kurtz-R-199x300This past weekend, several Government leaders hosted a PrayUSA Sunday.  Pastor Dave Pierce from First Baptist Church of Cold Water in Michigan shared the pulpit with former Representative Ken Kurtz to discuss challenges facing people of faith, and the movement of national and state leaders that are calling Americans to unceasing prayer. Pastor Pierce played the PrayUSA three-minute video before inviting former Representative Ken Kurtz to the pulpit.  Former Representative Kurtz begins discussing the connection between being a legislator as well as a man of faith before talking about the Summit that the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation had in North Carolina that included over 50 members of Congress and state legislators and how great it was to be involved in joining together and signing the Call to Prayer Proclamation for America.

Before inviting the congregation to sign the Call to Prayer, he asked the congregation to do 1 thing. “Let’s commit ourselves to pray and God will give us courage and we can be that bold voice that I believe God wants us to be and that we need to do all for America.  God has blessed America let’s bless God with our participation at this time.”

It was at this time that 174 people stood up and joined nearly 10,000 Americans that have committed themselves to pray unceasingly for our nation.

Your church can participate as well—the process is easy. If you are willing to become engaged and help promote this Initiative, a three-minute video and downloadable resource kits are available at Everything you need is right there, including: instructions, bulletins, flyers, posters, a PowerPoint slide, sample emails, social media tips and much more! Will you carry the torch with us?

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