Congressman Randy Forbes Promotes PrayUSA at Great Bridge Baptist Church
November 2, 2015

You can still view the inspirational PrayUSA Sunday with Congressman Randy Forbes, the Founder of the Congressional Prayer Caucus and

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Virginia Delegate Kirk Cox and Redemption Ministries Join Together to Promote PrayUSA!
October 20, 2015

“Brothers and sisters, when elected officials start asking us to pray, it is time to pray!” It was powerful! Last

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Congressman Rob Wittman Joins with Pastors to Promote PrayUSA
September 30, 2015

Enthusiasm! Inspiration! Excitement! Motivation! These are powerful andstirring words, but they do not fully capture everything that happened last week

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U.S. Congressman Rob Wittman joins Pastor Mark Morrow at Crosswalk Community Church in Williamsburg, VA to promote PrayUSA
August 5, 2015

Pastor Mark Morrow at Crosswalk Community Church in Williamsburg, Virginia shared his pulpit with U.S. Congressman Rob Wittman to discuss

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Michigan Senator, Mike Shirkey, Joins Pastor Jim Erwin at Bethel Gilead Community Church to Promote PrayUSA
July 10, 2015

This past weekend, several Government leaders hosted a PrayUSA Sunday event in local churches.  Pastor Jim Erwin from Bethel Gilead

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Former MI Representative, Ken Kurtz, joins Pastor Dave Pierce at First Baptist Church of Coldwater to promote PrayUSA
July 7, 2015

This past weekend, several Government leaders hosted a PrayUSA Sunday.  Pastor Dave Pierce from First Baptist Church of Cold Water

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Chesapeake, VA Mayor, Alan Krasnoff, promotes PrayUSA at Greenbrier Church
July 6, 2015

Greenbrier Church in Chesapeake, Virginia, held a special PrayUSA Sunday. In their service, Pastor Eric Watt invited the congregation to come

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PrayUSA Launches from California to Virginia
June 17, 2015

On Sunday morning,  Skyline Church in La Mesa, California led the way as one of the first churches in the

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La Cajon, CA Mayor Bill Wells, CA state Senator, Joel Anderson, and Santee Mayor Randy Voepel joins Pastor Jim Garlow to Promote PrayUSA at Skyline Church
June 17, 2015

All over the country, churches and government leaders are sounding the alarm and calling people of faith to wake up,

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Michigan Legislators Organize Prayer Event for Pastors
June 9, 2015

Last week in the capital city of Lansing, 15 legislators from the Michigan Legislative Prayer Caucus, organized and hosted a

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