U.S. Congressman Rob Wittman joins Pastor Mark Morrow at Crosswalk Community Church in Williamsburg, VA to promote PrayUSA
August 5, 2015


Pastor Mark Morrow at Crosswalk Community Church in Williamsburg, Virginia shared his pulpit with U.S. Congressman Rob Wittman to discuss the challenges that people of faith are encountering and the measures Members of Congress are taking to restore this faith. Pastor Morrow preaches about these challenges and that this nation should come together based on their faith and not their party affiliation.

Congressman Wittman proceeds to discuss the Congressional Prayer Caucus, which is a group of Members of Congress that meet in Room 219 at the Capitol before session begins every week.  The Members of Congress put aside their differences, hold hands, and pray about issues that they have heard from their home churches and communities and for our nation as a whole.  The common concern and prayer every week is to bring our nation back to prayer and for our nation to re-center itself around our Judeo-Christian values and unite as one.  “Before we do the nation’s business, we gather to pray to make sure that we are serving the Lord and doing the Lord’s business first because we know that only through doing the Lord’s business, that we can do the nation’s business.”

At this time, Congressman Wittman asked the congregation to join him, over 700 Government leaders, and over 114,000 citizens across the nation to commit to pray, not just on Sundays, but each and every day.  He requested prayers for our Government leaders and our nation as a whole.  Before the congregation began the signing, Congressman Wittman finished his sermon with powerful words of encouragement, “We are indeed, folks, One Nation Under God.”  It was at this time that 544 members and guests of Crosswalk Community Church signed the Call to Prayer Proclamation committing to pray unceasingly for our country and it’s leaders.

Your church can participate as well—the process is easy. If you are willing to become engaged and help promote this Initiative, a three-minute video and downloadable resource kits are available at Everything you need is right there, including: instructions, bulletins, flyers, posters, a PowerPoint slide, sample emails, social media tips and much more! Will you carry the torch with us?



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