U.S. Congressman Tim Walberg Joins Pastor Duke Crawford at Emmanuel Baptist Church of Toledo for a PrayUSA Ceremony
July 10, 2015

WalbergThis past weekend, several Government leaders hosted a PrayUSA Sunday event in local churches.  Pastor Duke Crawford from Emmanuel Baptist Church in Toledo, Ohio shared the pulpit with U.S Congressman Tim Walberg to discuss the movement of national and state leaders that are calling Americans to unceasing prayer as well as the challenges people of faith are facing.  Pastor Crawford played the PrayUSA three-minute video before inviting Congressman Walberg to the pulpit to give a sermon and read the Call to Prayer Proclamation to the congregation.

At the conclusion of his sermon, Congressman Walberg asked the congregation to remember a specific bible verse from Daniel 11:32 “…but the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.”

It was at this time that he called the church leadership team and spouses to come forward to sign the Proclamation.  After the service, the rest of the congregation was invited to sign as well.  A total of 243 people stood up that day in Toledo, Ohio to join nearly 10,000 Americans that have committed themselves to pray unceasingly for our nation.

Your church can participate as well—the process is easy. If you are willing to become engaged and help promote this Initiative, a three-minute video and downloadable resource kits are available at Everything you need is right there, including: instructions, bulletins, flyers, posters, a PowerPoint slide, sample emails, social media tips and much more! Will you carry the torch with us?

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